How to Select Lab Equipment and Supplies

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Use the references below to help you choose an item that is compatible with the materials and chemicals you use or simply helps you make the best choice of products among several options.

Chemical Compatibility Database: Select a material or chemical, along with another material or chemical, to view their compatibility. Ratings rank excellent, good, fair, or severe effect, which indicates the combination should not be used together. For example, acetic acid used with epoxy material ranks “fair.”

Safety Glove Chemical Compatibility Database: Simply select a chemical to view how gloves tested with it via a performance rating (from excellent to not recommended). So, for example, if you work with acetone, you may not want to use Ansell Chemical-Resistant PVA gloves as that receives a poor rating with this particular chemical. However, these same gloves rank “good” for use with ethyl ether.

pH Electrode Selection Guide: Several variables in pH electrodes make it difficult to choose which is best for you if you’re not sure what the difference is. Single- or double-junction electrodes? Sealed or refillable electrodes? Epoxy or glass electrodes? Read this guide to learn about the distinctions before making your choice.

Oxygen Meter Selection Guide: Meters offer various features from memory capabilities to barometric pressure compensation. This guide will describe what each means, plus it helps you distinguish between submersible probes and BOD probes. It also covers 10 Good Lab Practices for testing dissolved oxygen.

Fittings Selection Guide: Incorrect fittings can cause production difficulties from leakage to blockages to total lack of flow. Choose the appropriate fitting from the start to avoid these malfunctions. This overview details the basic fitting types, shows pipe thread sizes, and discusses criteria for selecting fittings.

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