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New Masterflex® Advanced Networking Drives

No need for gateways or adapters with our new Masterflex® Advanced Networking Drives with options for popular networking protocols. These communication protocols cover a broad range of connectivity and communication with most advanced automation control systems. These…

Cole-Parmer® Analog Control Metering Pump

How to Tell It’s Time for a Pump Tune-Up

When do you know it’s time for a pump tune-up? Do you hear a suspicious noise coming from your pump? Perhaps its performance is fading and you’re not quite sure what it causing it. If…


3 Ways to Select the Right Fitting

To avoid damaging your fluid handling system or creating leakage, choose your fittings carefully. Experience indicates you should consider the following three variables: Tubing: Barbed fittings work best with flexible tubing such as silicone or…