Disposable BOD Bottles: Four Reasons to Use Them

Disposable BOD Bottles
Disposable BOD Bottles

If you’re spending time washing your BOD bottles, you can have a more efficient solution: disposable BOD bottles. This environmental-friendly option offers several advantages:

  • Better accuracy: An independent study confirms these bottles offer improved blanks, improved results, and improved precision. Using a fresh, clean bottle for each analysis provides more accurate results in your lab
  • Help you conserve water: Reduce water expenses because there’s no washing needed. Plus the bottles are lightweight, unbreakable, and recyclable
  • Convenient: Your time is no longer hijacked by clean-up tasks. No pre-cleaning or post-cleaning necessary. Plus, you can easily identify samples via the individually numbered bottles
  • Approved: Laboratory tested and EPA method 405.1 approved BOD method

The PET bottles shown above offer a special formulated carbon coating that prevents oxygen from diffusing into or out of your sample. These bottles are packed in plastic- lined boxes to eliminate dust or residue that could adversely affect BOD results.

Is this a solution for you? Get more information on disposable BOD bottles. Call our technical product experts at 1-800-323-4340.

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