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How Does a Refractometer Work?

What is a refractometer? A refractometer is an instrument used for measuring concentrations of aqueous solutions. It requires only a few drops of liquid and is used as lab equipment throughout the food, agricultural, chemical,…

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Must-Have Holiday Gifts for Scientists and Lab Professionals

Looking for a gift for a lab co-worker or a few stocking stuffers for the scientist in your family? Don’t overlook gifts that can make someone’s job a little easier and safer. We listed a few…

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Connect to Your Critical Environments 24/7 with TraceableLIVE

Looking to monitor your critical environment 24/7, but don’t know where to begin? Try starting with TraceableLIVE. When you choose TraceableLIVE devices, you can easily and wirelessly monitor your temperature, humidity, and other conditions and stay…

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New Oakton Pocket Testers Stand Up to the Challenges of Measuring Water Quality

When you need to measure water quality, look to the new and improved Oakton® pocket testers. They stand up to everyday use, harsh environments and time. These water testers even stand upright with a new cap…

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