Need a Chiller? Stay Cool with these Chiller Selection Tips

How to choose the right chiller One chiller cannot control every heat load. Some chillers are designed to cool to very low temperatures while others are designed for only mid-range applications. Some designs can support…

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plant maintenance

5 Phases of a Plant Maintenance Shutdown

You Can Get Ahead of Plant Maintenance A plant shutdown, or turnaround, is a temporary closure of a building to perform maintenance. The main activities should be preventative in nature with the focus on equipment…

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New Digital Batch Mixer is Ideal for Lab and Industrial Use

If you’ve been using both a lab mixer and an industrial mixer for your single application because you can’t get what you need using just one type of mixer, check out this digital batch mixer. With one…

Predictive Maintenance

How to Conduct a Plant Maintenance Shutdown

Many facilities conduct an annual plant maintenance shutdown in order to perform required maintenance activities that cannot otherwise be performed during the course of day-to-day activities. Conducting an annual shutdown should result in reduced unplanned…

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