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Watch How It Works: Masterflex Open-Head Interlock Sensor VIDEO

Masterflex peristaltic pump with open-head interlock sensor provides pump operators with an extra layer of protection. This technology is particularly for technicians and operators tasked with tubing changes and routine maintenance. It is ideal for…

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GhostWipes for Lead Sampling

Ghost Wipes for Lead and Beryllium Dust Sampling

Ease sample preparation and analysis of surface lead or surface dust with GhostWipes. Made of sturdy material moistened with DI water, the wipes hold together even on the roughest surfaces. In the lab, the GhostWipe…

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Eliminate the Difficulty of Biochemical Oxygen Demand BOD Analysis VIDEO

Discover how to eliminate the difficulty of biochemical oxygen demand BOD analysis in this short video by using disposable BOD bottles. These bottles provide huge labor savings and improved quality in any environmental laboratory. Lightweight, unbreakable…

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Why Centrifugal Pumps Dominate the Market Video

In this video, Colin Heathfield, our UK Technical Sales Manager, presents an overview of centrifugal pumps. Globally, 70% of pumps in use are centrifugal pumps. With higher flow rates and lower pressures they meet the…

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