Keep Employees at a Safe Distance with Remote Control and Monitoring Pumps and Data Loggers

MasterflexLive Remote Pump Monitoring and Control

Remote control and monitoring products eliminate the need for physical presence

Now that we are starting to re-open, how can you keep your workers safe in a research and development area or on the process floor where working conditions may be tight or products can’t be moved? Add products with remote control and monitoring to gain the distance you need to keep your employees safe. We have a few popular products that will go the distance for you by not only adding social distancing for your employees but also providing you with more efficiency, accuracy and time savings.

Advances in remote monitoring and control have eliminated the need for a physical presence in the lab or on in your process, giving researchers the ability to achieve remotely much of the same control and monitoring they need to get their jobs done. Remote monitoring can be beneficial for R&D departments tasked with experiments or pilot testing. For those conducting around-the-clock experiments, the ability to monitor the equipment remotely is a huge advantage.

With access to IoT, researchers and other types of lab managers can leave their experiments overnight, allowing their pumps and other expensive instruments to run without risk of failure or loss of valuable samples. Technicians no longer need to stand at spectrophotometers to wait for results, manually record data, and then input it into the computer to share for record-keeping. IoT enables access to the cloud, which allows data to be input anywhere, accessed anywhere, and printed/shared anywhere. It’s the perfect answer to keep employees at a safe distance.

Keep a safe distance with these products

MasterflexLive® is a secure, cloud-based platform that controls, and monitors select Masterflex® L/S® and I/P® peristaltic pumps. Pump operators can monitor and adjust critical processes running 24/7 from anywhere. This smart technology, a first-of-its-kind for peristaltic pumps, provides real-time control of all pump parameters, including speed, flow rate, and dispense volume. Alerts for operating conditions and error messages are provided via push notifications, SMS, and e-mail. The premium MasterflexLive subscription option adds 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliance. This provides extra assurance to laboratories working under strict regulations that data in the cloud is secure and that labs meet all standard requirements.

Workers can constantly monitor temperature, humidity, liquid nitrogen, CO2, and barometric pressure with a variety of TraceableLive® wireless technology sensors, loggers, and other cloud-monitoring devices. This technology is suitable for those who want to monitor critical environments and receive on-time alerts to any changes. TraceableLive securely connects to data via Wi-Fi on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. The cloud-based interface requires no additional software and connecting is simple and easy with a low-cost TraceableLive subscription; some products have free subscriptions. The TraceableLive subscription adds 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and is appropriate for laboratories working under strict regulations enforced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other recognized worldwide authorities.

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