How to Ensure Vaccines Remain Safe Along a Cold Chain

Traceable remote monitoring temperature data loggers
Traceable® temperature data loggers enabled with TraceableLIVE® remote monitoring

By Shannon Andrade, Manager–Marcom, India

It’s not enough to assume your vaccine integrity is safe.

If you are managing a vaccine cold chain, you know the potential challenges you face. It can be a worrisome process and must be taken seriously at every step. This is not the type of supply chain where you can quickly throw the product in a box ,and ship it out with simply a tracking then cross your fingers. This cold chain is regulated and must be monitored, recorded, and reported through passage from the manufacturer’s point of origin to the point of vaccination.

You need to know the correct temperature conditions of the vaccines at all stages of the cold chain. The documented trail of records and evidence ensures compliance, detects cold chain equipment failures and other operational issues that may need rectified, and ensures the vaccines have not been compromised. You can’t afford to lose your valuable product due to temperature fluctuations or failed equipment.

You need reliable and innovative technology

But, how do you know if the instruments you select will do what you need them to do? You worry about a lot of things on a daily basis. We all do. It’s the way our minds work. But, you shouldn’t have to stress about the device that is supposed to help you worry less! It’s absolutely critical for you use a reliable device that has been proven to work in a cold chain from end to end. We can help.

Data loggers proven to accurately monitor a cold chain

Advances in portable, single-use, wireless connectivity and cloud-based temperature monitoring and logging devices have made it easier to follow vaccines as they are being transported—not only to ensure they have been maintained at the proper temperature but also to offer documentation of the compliant temperature conditions.

Cole-Parmer offers a broad range of Traceable® and TraceableLive® temperature measurement and data logging devices that provide accuracy, reliability, real-time monitoring, and regulatory compliance—all designed with your confidence in mind.

TraceableLive is a cloud-based software service that allows you to securely monitor your critical parameters and notify your smartphone, tablet, or PC if anything goes wrong. Everyone on your team can receive email, text, and push notifications on the environments you monitor. You can also remotely view data logging history, effortlessly generate reports and control alarm parameters.

Learn more about TraceableLive

For customers in India who would like TraceableLive FAQs, please email [email protected]

For inquiries outside of India, please contact a Cole-Parmer representative in your region.


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