Customize Your Sample Monitoring with TraceableLive

Dashboard from TraceableLive on computer screen.

Personalize dashboards to immediately see data important to you.

TraceableLive cloud service allows you to monitor the temperatures of your valuable samples around-the-clock from anywhere so you can enjoy your best life when you are away from your science. No need to worry if your samples are sitting or moving through your cold chain at the correct temperatures. You can keep an eye on your critical environment 24/7.

This service is compatible with specific Traceable products. It is ideal for labs, research organizations, clinics, healthcare providers and anyone who requires that samples remain within set tolerances for temperature, LN2, humidity, barometric pressure, or CO2. Protect your vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biological materials, or other product from degrading due to improper storage or transport conditions.  You can also get expanded use with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with premium subscription.

And, now it is even easier to use with these intuitive dashboards:

Sample of dashboards available

Alerts dashboard

TraceableLive notifications dashboard

Choose how you want to get notified of any alert status. Each location allows up to three notification types: email, push, and SMS. You can even set notifications to escalate to other team members if alerts are not addressed within a set time.

User access level dashboard

TraceableLive user access dashboard
Easily manage user access level and device details.

Device data dashboard

View device data by channel, a specific time or current time. Clearly see readings, alarm settings and states, Wi-Fi strength, battery level and more.


Device identification dashboard

Device identification dashboard

Quickly find devices by name, location or alarm status. At a glance, know device status.


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