Upgraded TraceableLIVE® is now on the Wrist with Apple Watch® Integration

APPLE WATCH with TraceableLIVE cloud monitoring for cold chain

New features including Apple Watch® integration for TraceableLIVE subscribers.

When you need to ensure your valuable vaccines, samples or items remain at the correct temperature during storage or transport along your cold chain, it’s critical you get alerts or notifications immediately from your monitoring system. Your phone is great, but if you don’t carry it with you everywhere you go, are you concerned you might miss a an alert? Now, you can wear your Apple Watch® and access data with TraceableLIVE® when you are a TraceableLIVE paid subscriber. It’s been what many customers have been asking for, so if you’ve been wanting this feature, you will be happy to know the TraceableLIVE team made it happen. The following features have also been added:

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Voice notification escalation

This feature is now available if you subscribe to the Premium service. When you purchase this level of service, you can set up an escalation path that generates an automated an automated phone message for out-of-range conditions to mobile and landline phones. It’s easy to setup—just configure as an Escalation in the Escalations menu. This is ideal for high importance escalations. As a TraceableLIVE paid subscriber, you can access your devices and notifications via your Apple Watch.

Compliance with USB for Vaccines for Children (VFC)

VFC CompliantWhen you use TraceableLIVE, you will be able to output secure PDF files as required by California code. Download CSV files from all Traceable® Excursion-Trac™ data loggers. Upload USB data from Excursion-Trac data loggers to the TraceableLIVE cloud.

Performance and speed improvements with TraceableLIVE app update

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The app will automatically update on your phone, or you can manually update it if auto-updates are turned off. All subscribers, regardless of subscription type, will be able to receive the new updated app. This update allows

TraceableLIVE to better support you with future functionality improvements.

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