Lab Supplies: Top Consumables to Keep in Stock

Lab supplies on shelf

Have you inventoried your lab supplies lately?

Now is a good time to order those items that are dwindling or soon to run out, so you are in stock for the remainder of the year. The supply chain disruption is real. You may already have felt it. You might have had a hard time finding certain consumer products and professional products. l as in your lab or process. We’ve seen challenges as well and that is why we are recommending you stock up on your lab supplies to you don’t run out. Here is a list of the top consumables to add or replace before you find your shelves empty. And, be sure to check out our always in stock items as well.

Lab supplies to keep in stock

1 Beakers available in many different plastics, glass, and stainless steel to meet your laboratory requirements

2 Pipettes and pipettors including serological pipettes, Mohr pipettes, volumetric pipettes, and capillary pipettes

3 Test tubes, essential for any lab, in glass or plastic, with specialized tubes for centrifugation, PCR, culturing, storing, NMR, and more

4 Flasks including filtering flasks, volumetric flasks, and other vessels

5 Funnels in various shapes, sizes, and capacities

6 Bottles and jars to hold, store, and transfer samples; made of various materials in a variety of sizes

7 Utility trays and scoops and spoons for multiple lab purposes

8 Films and foils used for sealing and protecting your containers including beakers, flasks, tubes, dishes, and basins

9 Disposable safety gloves to protect hands and reduce or eliminate contamination, in many different materials and types

10 Lab cleaning products help you to reduce the risk of contamination and ensure the health and safety of your workers

We have many products in stock and ready to ship!

Many lab consumables can be purchased in bulk at discounts and are in stock and ready to ship. Our laboratory supplies are packaged in both pack and case quantities to meet individual stocking requirements.

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