New Products: Replace Old Lab Equipment When Spring Cleaning

StableTemp Stirring Hot PlateCole-Parmer® StableTemp® Stirrers and Stirring Hot Plates are enhanced with new modern housing, additional safety features, and more options, while still retaining the same great features as the previous series.

If you are spring cleaning your lab, it’s a good time to replace old equipment. These four new products are sure to make any lab shine:

Stirring and Stirring Hot Plates

The new series of StableTemp™ Stirrers and Stirring Hot Plates are ideal staple for any laboratory. The units feature a raised display to deflect spills away from critical components. The easy-to-read digital display shows set point temperature for improved accuracy and repeatability. Advanced stirrer and stirring hot plates are also available and designed for applications that require greater accuracy and repeatability. Separate heat and stir displays show both actual and set point temperatures and stir speed. The advanced stirring hot plate includes a temperature probe kit containing a stainless steel temperature probe, support rod, and rod clamp with probe holder. Built-in timer will shut off heating, stirring, or both.

Lab Refrigerators

Cole-Parmer StableTemp Laboratory RefrigeratorsStableTemp Refrigerators are designed to meet the daily requirements of laboratory applications. Fully insulated chamber ensures minimal temperature fluctuation, adjustable sliding wire shelves pull out fully for easy access to all samples, and a built-in thermal line recorder makes it easy for lab personnel to track the temperature. Refrigerators’ performance is driven by a high-efficiency evaporation system made with low corrosive materials and a fully insulated stainless steel chamber. An intuitive and easy-to-use control panel has VFD and touch-sensitive buttons for controlling all the essential functions. The refrigerators also have safety features that include high/low temperature and overcurrent protection, open door alarm, and automatic fan stop for minimization of heat loss.

 Touch-Screen Recorder

New Lab Products Digi-Sense Touchscreen Recorder from Cole-ParmerThe Digi-Sense/RH Touch Screen Recorder with NIST Traceable Calibration is a tablet-based instrument equipped with 8GB of onboard memory for virtually unlimited datalogging capacity. An intuitive touch-screen display makes the recorder easy to use and view. It is ideal for monitoring and logging environmental conditions in food, pharmaceutical, laboratory, greenhouse, museum or other sensitive areas. The touch-screen recorder offers many user-friendly features. It measures, displays, and logs temperature, relative humidity, and dew point conditions. The measured values are simultaneously displayed both graphically and digitally on a color touch-screen display. Operation is simple right out of the box. The resident operating software self-boots by pushing the on/off button. The touch-screen menu makes it easy to set up data logging attributes including sample frequency, sample size, alarm settings, and units of measure. The recorder can be placed in real-time mode or set to start logging at some future time. It also comes with NIST traceable calibration.

Dual Independent Channel Touch-Screen Syringe Pump

Cole-Parmer Dual Independent Channel Syringe Pump New Lab Product from Cole-Parmer

The Cole-Parmer® Dual Independent Channel Touch-Screen Syringe Pump is like getting two pumps in one. Each channel has its own motor and plunger drive, so scientists and lab technicians can program different syringe sizes, dispensing rates, and alternate directions. A large touch screen and user-friendly icon-driven software make setup quick and straightforward. The syringe pump offers three modes of operation to satisfy life science and industrial applications: independent, reciprocating, and twin. Independent mode allows the pump to function as two separate instruments with unique programming for syringe type and size, force, rate, and target volume or time. Reciprocating mode operates the two syringes in opposite directions with the same syringe type and size, and rate. Twin mode functions like traditional dual-syringe pumps using the same syringe type and size, force, rate, and target volume or time.

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