Connect to Your Critical Environments 24/7 with TraceableLIVE

Looking to monitor your critical environment 24/7, but don’t know where to begin? Try starting with TraceableLIVE. When you choose TraceableLIVE devices, you can easily and wirelessly monitor your temperature, humidity, and other conditions and stay connected to your critical environment wherever you go. Learn more how TraceableLIVE remote monitoring can help keep you connected to your critical environments by using a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Available NIST-Traceable calibration ensures accuracy for TraceableLIVE devices.

View the video overview of TraceableLIVE remote monitoring for critical environments below:

Video Summary

Stay connected and efficiently monitor your critical environments 24/7 with TraceableLIVE devices. TraceableLIVE devices offer remote temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters monitoring from cell phone or other personal devices.  Securely connect via a smartphone, tablet, or PC to view current conditions anywhere and access to data logging history, reports, and more. Set up is simple and easy. TraceableLIVE features unlimited scalability and segmentability and is cost-effective.

TraceableLIVE Remote Monitoring Overview – Video Transcript

Introducing TraceableLIVE, the simple efficient and reliable way to wirelessly monitor your temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters and stay connected to your critical environments wherever you go.

Monitor Critical Environments Efficiently with a Smartphone, Tablet, & Computer

With TraceableLIVE you’re always connected to your critical environments with your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.
By simply visiting on any browser or using the TraceableLIVE app on your smartphone or tablet, you’re able to:

• View current temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters
• View the data logging history
• View the alarm history
• Control your alarm parameters
• Generate and email PDF reports
• Give other team members access to specific devices or groups of devices
• And so much more

Do all of this with any of your personal devices for all your TraceableLIVE Equipment at any time with TraceableLIVE.

Receive Notifications by Email, Mobile Push, & Text Message

With Email, mobile push, and text message notifications built-in, TraceableLIVE ensures peace of mind. If any of your TraceableLIVE devices detect a condition of out range, lose connection to your Wi-Fi network, or begin to run low on battery TraceableLIVE will send your alerts to your cell phone and other personal devices right away.

Event Documentation and Change Control: Permanent Records with Annotating

If your TraceableLIVE device experiences any type of alarm event a permanent record will automatically be created for that event and that device. This permanent record will detail the type of event that occurred and the exact time date that it occurred. Additionally, you and your team will have the ability to annotate on any event created to explain the situation if necessary.

Simple Setup: Purchase, Create, Point, & Connect

Setting up TraceableLIVE is easy as it doesn’t require additional software or hardware to set up:

• Purchase a TraceableLIVE product
• Create an account at
• Point your TraceableLIVE device to your account
• Connect to Wi-Fi network

Within moments your TraceableLIVE device will begin to transmit your critical data through an SSL encrypted secure connection to your personal cloud.

Unlimited Scalability and Segmentability: Connect to Unlimited Devices & Unlimited Roles

TraceableLIVE’s scalability and segmentability knows no end as it allows you to add as many devices as you want and divide them into as many groups as you want. Then using your administrative controls you can divide access to certain devices or groups of devices to specific individuals. This way only the data that is relevant to certain individuals will appear on their own accounts no matter where they are while you continue to have access to all of the devices.

Cost Effective: Low-Priced Devices & Flexible Service

TraceableLIVE’s cost-effective products and flexible service ensures that everyone can experience a lab with wireless technology. Add as many or as few devices as you want at any time and your subscription amount will automatically adjust. Subscriptions for just one TraceableLIVE device begin at $8.99 per month per device. And the price drops even further (to $7.20 per month per device) when you add ten or more devices.

Security and Peace of Mind: Protect Your Work & Your Data

When it comes to security, TracableLIVE uses a secure SSL encrypted connection to keep your data private as it transfers within your cloud and your personal devices. If your workplace were to ever experience an accident, a natural disaster, or an unexpected power outage you have the peace of mind knowing that all of your data is safely stored in your personal cloud.

TraceableLIVE is the simple, efficient, and reliable way to remote monitor temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters and stay connected to your critical environments wherever you go.

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