5 tips for keeping vaccines safe during distribution

Monitoring vaccines during storage and transport

Maintaining the COVID-19 vaccine cold chain is crucial

With the COVID-19 pandemic moving into its second year and vaccine distribution in full swing, does your concern for accuracy and efficacy of the vaccines remain at top of mind? Whether you are in a doctor’s office, medical research facility, hospital or outpatient clinic, you know that the vaccines you receive require reliable monitoring to verify the correct temperature and environmental conditions. Maintaining your cold chain to protect vaccines is crucial so you don’t compromise your valuable vaccines and to ensure they meet required guidelines. Use these 5 tips for keeping your vaccines safe:

5 vaccine distribution tips

  1. Manage an established schedule for ordering vaccines

  2. Manage established protocols for ordering vaccines, accepting delivery and handling the vaccines for distribution

  3. Allot space for your vaccine needs — now and in the future

  4. Ensure vaccines are stored properly

  5. Maintain proper vaccine temperatures during transport

Storing and transporting COVID-19 vaccines

Storing vaccines can be a challenge if you don’t have the proper equipment. We’ve seen this happen with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines that need to be stored in ultra-low freezers. Many facilities had to invest in ultra-low freezers ad ultra-low temperature monitoring data loggers. Others had to rely on dry ice and administer vaccines as quickly as possible. When storing vaccines, have a reliable refrigerator or freezer and monitor the temperatures with a digital data logger.

Transporting vaccines can be a delicate endeavor as you are removing the vaccines from a stable environment to what is hopefully another stable and portable environment. Distribution requires the same considerations as storage.

Monitoring systems

Traceable® and TraceableLIVE® temperature monitoring devices were designed with your vaccine storage and transportation challenges in mind. With accurate, reliable, and certified measurement and monitoring instruments, the risks of compromising the cold chain and valuable vaccines are minimized.


Like all of the previous steps, another crucial aspects of vaccine storage remains accountability. A comprehensive step-by-step process with specially trained designated personnel as well as an accurate and continuous temperature monitoring system is necessary to ensure the integrity of the vaccines.

A cloud-based system with a Traceable® digital data logger will ensure the process and provide ongoing documentation necessary to maintain guidelines for vaccine storage. For more information see more information on Proper Vaccine Storage and Handling.

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