Air Impurities Removal Systems Activated Carbon Refill for 33703-04, -05

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Air Impurities Removal Systems Mfr # RF-981-2A – Item # EW-33703-07

$140.50USD / Each


Specifications & Description

  • DescriptionActivated Carbon Refill for 33703-04, -05

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High-Efficiency Filters capture smoke and dust — ideal if you mix dry chemicals, sand, grind, or do light welding or soldering. Prefilter is 30 to 35% efficient; high-efficiency cartridge is 96.5% efficient.
HEPA Filters capture soldering fumes and vapors that contain lead. Prefilter is 30 to 35% efficient; HEPA filter is 99.97% efficient.
Final Adsorption Carbon Module captures volatile solvents, touch-up paint fumes, and other noxious odors. Available in combination with primary high-efficiency or HEPA filter (33703-02 and -04), or use asa final stage for portable air cleaning system.




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