Sealed electrodes for Beckman Meters

Save money without giving up temperature compensation!
  • Electrodes designed to work with meters you already have
  • Seven different designs available—find the design that works best for your application without losing automatic temperature compensation
“All-in-One” electrodes offer versatility and customization. These electrodes combine the pH reference, pH half-cell, and temperature sensor in one 12mm-diameter electrode body. The seven designs allow you to select between low-maintenance, sealed electrodes or clog-resistant refillable electrodes. Tuff-Tip electrodes feature a semi-domed tip which protects the pH bulb and ensures a quick response in harsh and dirty samples. PBR-style electrodes provide predictable, reliable, and quick responses—no matter what the sample temperature. This design virtually eliminates drift, accuracy problems, and premature performance losses due to temperature. All electrodes include 3-ft cable and BNC connector for pH, except where noted. Beckman Instruments-compatible electrodes feature a 30K temperature compensator with a 3.5mm audio plug for connecting to your meter.
$135.00 - $176.40USD / Each

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Electrode Body Material Electrode Type
Availability Pricing
Epoxy Single junction
$135.00USD / Each
$150.00USD / Each
Epoxy Double junction
$176.40USD / Each
$196.00USD / Each
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