Spex® SamplePrep 8550 ShatterBox® Ring and Puck Mill

Grind your samples with minimal loss in a soundproof enclosure
  • Store up to 10 different grinding programs
  • Robust IP65 rated industrial interface
  • Accommodates various grinding dishes
  • Sound-insulated steel cabinet
  • Electronically controlled, fully reproducible grinding methods with Ethernet capabilities
The Spex® ShatterBox is a versatile ring and puck mill that can crush and grind many types and sizes of samples with minimal sample loss and increased safety. It features an automated locking dish and guided dish positioning with an automatic elevation of the dish for ease of use and greater flexibility. The versatility of sample containers allows for grinding within smaller dishes without the ring as well as the ability to increase sample sizes and capacity with the ring and puck system.

The ShatterBox swings a dish-shaped grinding container with a puck and ring inside in a tight high-speed circle. The sample is quickly crushed between the wall and floor of the container and the moving puck/ring grinding elements. Grinding times range from two to five minutes, with resultant particle size well below 100 µg/mL, and in some cases 5 µg/mL.

Typical samples include cement, superalloy, granite, glass, sand, slag, ceramics, seeds, grains, pigments, and catalyst supports.

The ShatterBox requires use of a dish with a handle assembly, which is available in hardened steel, tungsten carbide, alumina ceramic, and zirconia. Purchase grinding dish separately.
$17,090.00USD / Each

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Power (VAC) Speed (rpm) Description
Availability Pricing
115 800 to 1200 (1050 for tungsten carbide dish) ShatterBox® Ring and Puck Mill; 115 VAC, 60 Hz,
$17,090.00USD / Each
230 800 to 1200 (1050 for tungsten carbide dish) ShatterBox® Ring and Puck Mill; 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
$17,090.00USD / Each
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