Oakton® Waterproof Pocket Tester Selection Guide

Find your perfect pocket tester by selecting the parameter you want to measure.

Oakton waterproof pocket testers are simple and economical alternatives to traditional meter and probe technology. These pocket testers are compact, easily portable, highly accurate, and can produce highly accurate readings in a matter of seconds—simply with the push of a button. Choosing the right pocket tester for your application will provide you with reliable and accurate use over and over again. Use the interactive selection guide below to help you select the right pocket tester for your needs.

Select a Parameter:

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What to consider: The more caustic an environment, the great impact on the electrode. Electrodes in cheaper entry-level testers can wear out quickly, especially if using them in environments with high levels of contaminating ions (or compounds). Disposable single-junction testers are ideal for occasional use. Single-junction electrode testers are appropriate for daily use in non-caustic environments. Double-junction electrode testers provide the longest-lasting use in the most caustic environments.

Look for the colored-coded stars to identify whether the pocket tester is from our Oakton premium, classic, or EcoTestr™ pocket tester
product lines.

premium Ttester icon Premium: Most durable and longer lasting. Replaceable double-junction electrode sensors.
Classic Tester IconClassic: Accurate and reliable. Replaceable single-junction electrode sensors.
Eco Tester Icon EcoTestr: Most economical testers. Disposable tester with single-junction electrode sensor.