A&D Newton EJ Portable Balances

Portable balances with multiple weighing units and fast one-second response time
  • Easy to read LCD with backlight provides clear view of results under any lighting conditions
  • Specific gravity function, percentage weighing, and parts counting functions
  • Comparator function gives a visual reference against a set target weight
  • Features low battery, overload, and stability indicators
  • Customize your balance using the configurable key mode
  • Stackable body allows convenient storage of multiple units
  • Optional USB or RS-232 interface for connectivity to a printer or computer
$230.74 - $605.90USD / Each

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Capacity (g) Power (VAC) Readability (g)
Availability Pricing
A&D Weighing EJ-120 Newton Portable Balance, 120g x 0.01g; 115V EW-11109-61 Mfr # EJ-120
120 115 0.01
$234.89USD / Each
$283.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-200 Newton Portable Balance, 210g x 0.01g; 115V
Always in Stock
EW-11109-62 Mfr # EJ-200
210 115 0.01
$285.52USD / Each
$344.00USD / Each
310 115 0.01
$335.32USD / Each
$404.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-410 Newton Portable Balance, 410g x 0.01g; 115V EW-11109-64 Mfr # EJ-410
410 115 0.01
$365.20USD / Each
$440.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-610 Newton Portable Balance, 610g x 0.01g; 115V EW-11109-65 Mfr # EJ-610
610 115 0.01
$482.23USD / Each
$581.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-1500 Newton Portable Balance, 1500g x 0.1g; 115V EW-11109-66 Mfr # EJ-1500
1500 115 0.1
$230.74USD / Each
$278.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-2000 Newton Portable Balance, 2100g x 0.1g; 115V EW-11109-67 Mfr # EJ-2000
2100 115 0.1
$277.22USD / Each
$334.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-3000 Newton Portable Balance, 3100g x 0.1g; 115V EW-11109-68 Mfr # EJ-3000
3100 115 0.1
$335.32USD / Each
$404.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-4100 Newton Portable Balance, 4100g x 0.1g; 115V EW-11109-69 Mfr # EJ-4100
4100 115 0.1
$385.95USD / Each
$465.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-6100 Newton Portable Balance, 6100g x 0.1g; 115V EW-11109-70 Mfr # EJ-6100
6100 115 0.1
$432.43USD / Each
$521.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-1202 EJ Newton Portable Balances 1200g x 0.01g; 115V
New Products
EW-11109-75 Mfr # EJ-1202
1200 115 0.01
$560.25USD / Each
$675.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-3002 EJ Newton Portable Balances 3100g x 0.01g; 115V
New Products
EW-11109-76 Mfr # EJ-3002
3100 115 0.01
$605.90USD / Each
$730.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-123 Newton Portable Balance 120g x 0.001g; 115V EW-11115-96 Mfr # EJ-123
120 115 0.001
$444.88USD / Each
$536.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing EJ-303 Newton Portable Balance, 310g x 0.001g
Always in Stock
EW-11115-97 Mfr # EJ-303
310 115 0.001
$469.78USD / Each
$566.00USD / Each
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