A&D Weighing HW-WP and HV-WP Series Washdown Industrial Scales

Water-resistant stainless steel construction offers protection from the most challenging washdown environments
  • Set point control for simple batching
  • Comparator buzzer and hold function
  • Adjustable and detachable stainless steel display
  • IP-65 stainless steel construction withstands harsh washdown and outdoor conditions
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display provides a bright, clear unmistakable display in dimly lit areas
  • Counting function for inventory control
  • Comparator HI/LO/GO with color coded LED indicators allows fast, precise, unmistakable manual checkweighing
  • Bidirectional RS-232C interface allows connection to a printer or PC and RS-485 allows networking of up to 16 scales for PC interfacing
These scales provide counting, percentage, and comparator functions. Ideal for packaging, shipping, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications.

HV-WP series of scales offer resolution that can be changed automaticlly for 3 capaccity levels.

HW-WP series of scales has high resolution of 1/10,000.

$1,218.00 - $1,581.00USD / Each

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Capacity (kg) Capacity (lbs) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
A&D Weighing HW-10K-WP High Resolution Washdown Industrial Scale; 10kg x 0.001g, 120 V EW-11122-14 Mfr # HW-10K-WP
10 115
$1,349.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing HW-60K-WP High Resolution Washdown Industrial Scale, Capacity 150lb. EW-11122-20 Mfr # HW-60K-WP
60 150 115
$1,465.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing HW-100K-WP High Resolution Washdown Industrial Scale, Capacity 200lbs. EW-11122-22 Mfr # HW-100K-WP
100 200 115
$1,581.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing HW-200K-WP High Resolution Washdown Industrial Scale; Capacity 500lbs. 15.4" EW-11122-26 Mfr # HW-200K-WP
220 500 115
$1,581.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing HV-15KWP Trripple Resolution Washdown Industrial Scale 6Lb/15Lb/30lb EW-11229-91 Mfr # HV-15KWP
30 115
$1,218.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing HV-60KWP Tripple Resolution Washdown Industrial Scale 30lb/60lb/150lb EW-11229-92 Mfr # HV-60KWP
150 115
$1,349.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing HV-200KWP Tripple Resolution Washdown Industrial Scale 150lb/300lb/500lb EW-11229-93 Mfr # HV-200KWP
500 115
$1,465.00USD / Each
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