Atago® Brix Refractometers

Precision accuracy ensures process and quality control across the entire Brix range!
  • Easy calibration via screw potentiometer
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) models ideal for samples with temperature fluctuations
  • Made of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
Use these Brix refractometers to measure concentration of fruits, beverages, and canned goods; total solid content of syrups, vinegar, and sauces; or check the quality of vegetable, fruit, and grass tissues. Refractometers can also be used for chemical, agricultural, manufacturing process control, quality control, preshipment, and other applications.
$362.30 - $420.00USD / Each

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Accuracy Refractive Index Interval Resolution
Availability Pricing
Atago MASTER-ALPHA Handheld Refractometer; 0.0 to 32.0% Brix, ATC, IP65 EW-02941-85 Mfr # 2311 MASTER-ALPHA
±0.2% (Brix) 0.2% (Brix)
$420.00USD / Each
Atago 2312 MASTER-53T Handheld Refractometer; 0.0 to 53% Brix, ATC EW-02941-87 Mfr # 2352 MASTER-53T
±0.2% (Brix) 0.2% (Brix)
$362.30USD / Each
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