Casella Wide-Range, Digital Sound Level Meters

Monitor workplace or community noise ensuring compliance
  • Available in both ANSI type 1 and type 2 accuracy
  • Full color graphic display provides maximum clarity
  • Context sensitive menus for simple navigation with minimum key strokes
  • Automatic calibration with minimum operator intervention
Basic noise surveys
Machinery measurements for product noise reduction
Selection of hearing protection
Basic noise control measurements
Workplace noise surveys for compliance measurements
Noise mapping applications
General purpose noise measurements

These sound meters are designed to help you interpret changing noise climates and measure them correctly. Meters feature a unique DSP technology allowing the simultaneous capture of sound parameters with A, C, and Z frequency weightings, slow, fast, and impulse time responses, over a full 120 dB dynamic range. All noise parameters are measured and stored such as current sound level, maximum, minimum, time average, peak and TWA (with optional threshold). The menu driven interface makes these meters easy set up and use. USB interface allows measurement data to be easily transferred to spreadsheets or other office documents, and models with Insight software allow you to further analyze data and easily generate reports.

The CEL-630 models include all of the features of the CEL-620 series and provide additional extensive data logging time history recording that is particularly useful for environmental noise recording at regular intervals. Regular samples can also be saved, in addition to the overall values, for the whole of a run. Use the timer function to control the start and end of a run for automatic recording and the event based threshold noise level to trigger recordings above a significant level. Meters produce statistical percentile levels for environmental noise measurements for day/night levels providing a complete description of local noise environments.

Community noise nuisance measurements
Transportation noise source analysis
Data logging at regular time intervals for time history review
Event recording above a user selected threshold value
Long term aircraft or rail noise investigations

$2,923.20 - $6,047.10USD / Each

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Decibel (Db) High Range (dB) Decibel (Db) Low Range (dB) Meter Class
Availability Pricing
Casella CEL-620.A2/K1 Type 2 Sound Meter Kit EW-50536-10 Mfr # CEL-620.A2/K1
140 20 Type 2
$2,923.20USD / Each
$3,248.00USD / Each
Casella CEL-620.B2/K1 Type 2 Octave Sound Meter Kit EW-50536-12 Mfr # CEL-620.B2/K1
140 20 Type 2
$3,786.30USD / Each
$4,207.00USD / Each
Casella CEL-620.C2/K1 Type 2 ThIrd Octave Sound Meter Kit EW-50536-14 Mfr # CEL-620.C2/K1
140 20 Type 2
$5,180.40USD / Each
$5,756.00USD / Each
Casella CEL-620.A1/K1 Type 1 Sound Meter Kit EW-50536-16 Mfr # CEL-620.A1/K1
140 20 Type 1
$4,417.20USD / Each
$4,908.00USD / Each
Casella CEL-620.B1/K1 Type 1 Octave Sound Meter Kit EW-50536-18 Mfr # CEL-620.B1/K1
140 20 Type 1
$5,376.60USD / Each
$5,974.00USD / Each
Casella CEL-630.A2/K1 Type 2 Sound Meter Kit EW-50536-22 Mfr # CEL-632.A2/K1
140 20 Type 2
$3,492.00USD / Each
$3,880.00USD / Each
Casella CEL-630.B2/K1 Type 2 Octave Sound Meter Kit EW-50536-24 Mfr # CEL-632.B2/K1
140 20 Type 2
$4,452.30USD / Each
$4,947.00USD / Each
Casella CEL-630.B1/K1 Type 1 Octave Sound Meter Kit EW-50536-30 Mfr # CEL-632.B1/K1
140 20 Type 1
$6,047.10USD / Each
$6,719.00USD / Each
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