Cole-Parmer® BB-200 Series Electric Bunsen Burners

Provides clean and easy operation
  • Top cowl deflects heat away from hands
  • Air circulation from vented housing keeps base cool to touch
  • Energy efficient—only consumes 400 W of power
This electric Bunsen burner combines the advantages of a regular gas burner with the clean and easy operation of a heating mantle. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel burner features a cone-shaped coiled resistance heater which directs radiant heat out from the cavity. Cooling vents circulate air to cool the base, making it possible to hold while in use. A detachable cowl also deflects heat from the medium surface.

Ideal for noncontact radiant heating of materials in test tubes, crucibles, small flasks, and beakers. Effective heating of a test tube sample should be done 25 mm above the top of the burner. Crucible heating may be achieved by removing the cowl.

Note: To regulate the power input and temperature of the Bunsen burner, a heating controller is required. Without a controller, the burner operates continuously at full heating power. The Bunsen burner can be purchased with or without the recommended controller.
$762.00 - $1,350.00USD / Each

4 variations of this product are available.

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Power (VAC) Description
Availability Pricing
230 Electric Bunsen Burner without Controller; 230 VAC
$762.00USD / Each
230 Electric Bunsen Burner with Controller; 230 VAC
$1,345.00USD / Each
115 Electric Bunsen Burner with Controller; 115 VAC
$1,350.00USD / Each
115 Electric Bunsen Burner, without Controller; 115 VAC
$1,070.00USD / Each
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