Cole-Parmer® DDW-200 Series Ductless Downflow Fume Hoods

Downward airflow protects operator from fume and particle hazards
  • Unrestricted front and side access to work area
  • Easy to change high capacity filters isolate and trap chemical vapors to prevent ecological impact
  • Filter clamping eliminates bypass leakage
  • Cabinet airflow and face velocity protect users from incidental exposure to fumes
  • Chemical resistant epoxy coated steel support frame
  • Maintains a constant face velocity of 80 fpm
  • Filters must be purchased separately
Cole-Parmer DDW-200 downflow fume hoods are high efficiency ductless fume hoods designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface. Unrestricted front and side access facilitates applications requiring complex and intensive operator involvement, while downward airflow in the chamber protects the operator.

Advanced carbon filtration technology offers a safe, high-performance alternative to conventional ducted fume hoods for a broad change of applications. The fume hood is self-contained and does not require venting to the outside. Set-up, operation, and filter maintenance are straightforward. Because filtered air is returned to the room, no demands are required of facility HVAC capacity for make-up air.

The interior features increased interior height, energy efficient fan, LED lighting, and a standard rear storage shelf, while delivering negative airflow to the work surface to capture and direct vapors to a carbon filter. The advanced control panel includes an on/off switch, hour counter, and filter blockage alarm that continuously monitors filter loading and alerts users when service is needed.

The filtration system consists of a pre-filter, main activated carbon or HEPA/ULPA filter, and safety activated carbon of HEPA/ULPA filter. The system allows for a customized combination of filter media and configuration for chemical and physical adsorption specific to your application. The fume hood maintains a constant face velocity of 80 fpm at the work surface in compliance with USA and internal standards for safety and performance. The main filter is easy to replace with no tools required – the filter clamps tightly around the filter gasket to prevent filter bypass and maintain filter integrity. The pre-filter may be changed from below the work surface while in operation.

Order filters and base stand separately to meet your application needs.
$2,680.00USD / Each

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Belong fan 24 115
$2,680.00USD / Each
Belong fan 24 230
$2,680.00USD / Each
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