Cole-Parmer® EB-50 Series Compact Portable Balances

Portable balance running on 12 V DC or AA battery operation with splash-proof keys
  • Accurate readings for indoor and outdoor environments Splash-proof design with a sealed keypad Large 5 digits LED display for comfortable viewing Convenient automatic stabilization, scale only works on a flat surface Visual indicators for weight overload and low battery Portable unit design with auto-off for energy conservation Basic weighing units in ounces, grams, and pounds Keep the scale’s weight precision with an easy-to-use external calibration mass function Ensure weight accuracy with a NIST-Traceable calibration
The Cole-Parmer ED compact portable balance is a basic analytical weighing balance for applications in education, the laboratory, and outdoor work areas without electrical outlets.
The balance runs with an AC/DC adapter for 12 V DC 500 mA or 6 x AA batteries for portability. It has a built-in auto power-off after four minutes of inactivity to save battery life. The splash-proof keypad and display have a low-battery indicator inside the 5-digit LCD display with 15 mm tall numbers. The balance comes with auto-calibration with the push of a button and an external mass.
$85.14 - $160.82USD / Each

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Capacity (g) Power (VAC) Readability (g)
Availability Pricing
300 115 / 220 0.01
$145.34USD / Each
$169.00USD / Each
200 115 / 220 0.1
$85.14USD / Each
$99.00USD / Each
600 115 / 220 0.1
$123.84USD / Each
$144.00USD / Each
1200 115 / 220 0.1
$134.16USD / Each
$156.00USD / Each
2000 115 / 220 0.1
$160.82USD / Each
$187.00USD / Each
2000 115 / 220 1
$86.00USD / Each
$100.00USD / Each
5000 115 / 220 2
$86.00USD / Each
$100.00USD / Each
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