Cole-Parmer® HM-200 Large Volume Heating Mantles

Accommodate 60° funnels, pear-shaped flasks, and round-bottom flasks
  • Bottom opening allows use with 60° funnels of various diameters
  • Accept large capacity flasks—between 10 to 22 liters
  • Three separate electrical circuits let you control heating of top, middle, and bottom of flasks independently
A unique “V-shaped” design of the heating mantle accommodates both pear-shaped and round-bottom flasks. Coiled heating element, suspended within a thermal insulating material, provides optimal heat transfer and support. The outer casing remains cool to the touch even when the heating element temperature is at 842°F (450°C).

Control heat throughout the mantle using three separate electrical circuits each controlled with its own dial switch. This enables independent temperature control of top, middle, and bottom of the flask. Two colored lights by each control dial indicate "power on" and "heat on." Powder-coated aluminum housing makes it easy to clean. Heating mantles feature three support rod clamps that can hold 1/2" dia support rods.
$3,538.00 - $4,361.00USD / Each

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Max Flask Size (mL) Max temperature (° F) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
10000 842 230
$3,584.00USD / Each
10000 842 115
$3,747.00USD / Each
12000 842 230
$3,538.00USD / Each
12000 842 115
$3,561.00USD / Each
20000 842 230
$4,335.00USD / Each
20000 842 115
$3,761.00USD / Each
22000 842 230
$4,361.00USD / Each
22000 842 115
$3,926.00USD / Each
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