Cole-Parmer® SHM-250 Series Digi-Mantle Heating Kits

Heating kit includes a heating mantle controller and interchangeable heating cartridge
  • Achieve uniform temperature up to 450°C across round bottom flask
  • Stirring speeds from 100 to 2000 rpm with excellent stability
  • Vented casing keeps heating cartridge cool to the touch
  • Modular design allows different size heating cartridges to be used on the same Digi-Mantle controller
Control temperature and stirring speed independently on the Digi-Mantle digital controller. The control panel features indicator lights for power, heater, and stirrer. Microprocessor-controlled heater displays the heat setting as a percentage of the total power. View the actual temperature (up to 220°C) of the flask content on a 3-digit LCD display by using the included temperature probe.

Each Digi-Mantle heating kit includes a controller and a heating cartridge that accommodates 100 to 250 mL, 500 mL, or 1000 mL round bottom flask. Due to its modular design a different size heating cartridge can be used with the same controller, saving you money.
$4,315.00 - $4,413.00USD / Each

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Max Flask Size (mL) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
250 230
$4,393.00USD / Each
250 115
$4,334.00USD / Each
500 230
$4,389.00USD / Each
500 115
$4,380.00USD / Each
1000 230
$4,315.00USD / Each
1000 115
$4,413.00USD / Each
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