Cole-Parmer Smartphone Gel Imaging Systems

Captures high-quality gel images with any smartphone
  • Ideal for common safe stains
  • Blocks ambient light for superior gel images
  • Accommodates multiple gel sizes and thicknesses
  • Compatible with existing UV or blue light transilluminators
The compact gel imaging enclosure features an orange photo filter allowing you to instantly capture quality electrophoresis gel images with any smartphone camera. These images can be transferred to a computer for storage or further analysis. An extending adapter provides full-dimension imaging of gels up to 15 x 15 cm or can be removed for close-up pictures. The imaging enclosure is designed to fit onto most standard UV and blue light transilluminators.
Order a complete gel imaging system with illumination base for safe viewing of nucleic acids in agarose gels. The blue light LED illumination base produces a peak output of 460 nm for optimum excitation of nucleic acids stained with safe green dyes. It is safe to use and will not damage the DNA samples. The orange filter on top of the base absorbs blue light, allowing visualization of the fluorescing samples. The filter can be angled for gel access and cutting out DNA bands for further study.
$690.00 - $788.50USD / Each

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Filter Wavelength (nm) Description
Availability Pricing
Gel Imaging Enclosure with Orange Photo Filter
$690.00USD / Each
460 Gel Imaging Enclosure with Blue Light Ilumination Base, 115 V
$788.50USD / Each
460 Gel Imaging Enclosure with Blue Light Ilumination Base, 230 V
$788.50USD / Each
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