COMARK Standard and Intrinsically Safe Pressure Meters

Multi-scale pressure meters
  • Multiple pressure scales with selected scale held in memory
  • Intrinsically Safe models available
  • Stylish, rugged ABS case, dust and waterproof to IP67, BS EN 60529, and IEC 529
  • Choice of four ranges: 0 to ±2 psi (0 to ±140 mbar), 0 to ±5 psi (0 to ±350 mbar), 0 to ±30 psi (0 to ±2000 mbar), and 0 to ±100 psi (0 to ±6900 mbar)
  • High accuracy
  • Selectable auto switch off
  • Gauge (single input) or differential (double input) measurement of positive and negative (vacuum) pressures
  • Adjustable zero value to compensate for ambient temperature
  • Records maximum and minimum pressures
  • Hold function with held readings displayed in any scale
  • Averaged reading function to filter out transient reading
All generally used pressure scales are standard in each instrument, practically eliminating the need to purchase extra meters as measurement requirements change. Each model has a carefully selected measurement range and can measure positive and negative (vacuum) gauge or differential pressures.Measurements, including maximum and minimum readings, can be held and displayed in any available scale. The adjustable zero value, to compensate for ambient temperature fluctuations, is also permanently held in memory, until changed by the user. The selectable, averaged reading function provides a further aid to accuracy by filtering out transient readings to give a more stable displayed reading. Each instrument can display its maximum pressure and has over-range indication.
$532.00 - $594.40USD / Each

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Accuracy Max Pressure (PSI) Resolution
Availability Pricing
COMARK C9501/IS IS Pressure Meter 0/2psi Intrinsically Safe Pressure Meter EW-68457-33 Mfr # C9501/IS
±0.2% full-scale 2 0.001 psi
$571.60USD / Each
$714.50USD / Each
COMARK C9503/IS IS Pressure Meter 0/5psi Intrinsically Safe Pressure Meter EW-68457-34 Mfr # C9503/IS
±0.2% full-scale 5 0.001 psi
$594.40USD / Each
$743.00USD / Each
COMARK C9551 Comark , Waterproof Pressure Meter, 0 to +/-2 psi EW-68457-35 Mfr # C9551
±0.2% full-scale 2 0.001 psi
$532.00USD / Each
$665.00USD / Each
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