Contact-Angle Micrometer

High-accuracy contact angle measurement for surface anaylsis
Take contact angle readings of liquid droplets on small, flat, curved, or cylindrical surfaces to determine surface wettability. Ideal for applications that require grading surface treatments, testing surfactants, ink adhesion, and checking materials before bonding or applying coatings.
How it works: Place a droplet of test liquid on a substrate with the included syringe needle. The droplet attaches to the substrate surface, and a shadow image of the droplet is projected. Projection screen micrometers use optical magnification to project the image onto a screen for measurement.
This projection screen micrometer features an adjustable specimen holder for vertical/axial alignment of the image; sliding screen provides horizontal adjustment. Locking knob holds the position of the projected droplet in place. To read droplet angle, align tangent line from the contact point of the corner of the image to the highest point of the image; measure with the specially calibrated protractor scale.
$14,735.00USD / Each

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Power (VAC) Magnification Description
Availability Pricing
Cheminstruments CAM-PLUS C, 120 Contact-Angle Meter, 2 to 180 Degree Range with Calibrated Protractor EW-59780-20 Mfr # CAM-PLUS C, 120
110 6:1 Contact-Angle Meter, 2 to 180 Degree Range with Calibrated Protractor
$14,735.00USD / Each
Cheminstruments CAM-PLUS MICRO 240 Contact Angle Meter 240 VAC, 50/60Hz EW-59780-65 Mfr # CAM-PLUS MICRO 240
240 6:1 Contact Angle Meter 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
$14,735.00USD / Each
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