Crosstex Sterilization Wrap

Provides excellent fluid repellency and superior barrier protection
  • Highly permeable meaning no wet packs
With the highest bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) available, these sterile wraps shield items from both airborne and waterborne contamination. Wraps have outstanding liquid repellency, even to water, alcohol, and iodine. Use with EtO, steam, gamma irradiation, and E-beam sterilization technology. Petroleum free - wraps are manufactured from environmentally friendly cellulose material made from wood pulp which eliminates skin sensitivity issues associated with oily residues inherent in plastic based wrappers. Even texture permits immediate visual detection of small pinholes or tears. Exceptional tensile strength whether wet or dry. Meets flammable fabrics act (FFA) requirements.
$130.00 - $345.00USD / Pkg of 250

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Length (in) Width (in)
Availability Pricing
Crosstex Sterilization Wrap 30 In X 30 In, 250/cs EW-10702-25 Mfr # SW30
30 30
$203.00USD / Pkg of 250
Crosstex Sterilization Wrap 36 In X 36 In, 250/cs EW-10702-27 Mfr # SW36
36 36
$345.00USD / Pkg of 250
Crosstex Sterilization Wrap 12 In X 12 In, Case, 10-100 packs EW-10703-15 Mfr # SW12
12 12
$147.00USD / Case of 10
Crosstex Sterilization Wrap 15 In X 15in, Case, 5-100 packs. EW-10703-17 Mfr # SW15
15 15
$130.00USD / Case of 5
Crosstex Sterilization Wrap 18 In X 18 In, Case, 5-100 Packs EW-10703-19 Mfr # SW18
18 18
$192.00USD / Case of 5
Crosstex Sterilization Wrap 20 In X 20 In, Case, 5-100 Packs. EW-10703-21 Mfr # SW20
20 20
$175.00USD / Case of 5
Crosstex Sterilization Wrap 24 In X 24 In, Case, 5-100 Packs. EW-10703-23 Mfr # SW24
24 24
$297.00USD / Case of 5
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