CYTIVA Whatman™ In-Line Vacuum Protection Filter Capsules

Designed to protect vacuum pumps and minimize harmful pump exhaust fumes
  • Combination of chemical traps and hydrophobic PTFE filter membrane ensure best protection results
  • Available in three classic chemical traps: activated carbon, molecular sieve, and desiccant
  • Additional feature of a hydrophobic PTFE membrane retains 99.9% of airborne particles 0.1µm and aqueous aerosoles
Designed for in-line use with stepped barb connection for 10-12 mm ID hose-generally installed on the pump inlet. The filters can be used as a backup between a cold trap and the pump to protect against vapors if the cold trap fails

Activated Carbon is a microporous carbonaceous material that is produced from various raw materials. The granular activated carbon is produced from lignite coal and is acid washed after steam activation. This steam activation process creates pores of molecular dimensions within the carbon particle, yielding a material with extremely high internal porosity and surface area.

Molecular Sieves are crystalline alkali metal aluminosilicates with a three-dimensional interconnecting network structure of silica and alumina tetrahedral. The A family of molecular sieves has been considered the universal product for removal of water from various gases. It will absorb molecules with a size of less than 4A, and exclude those larger.

Desiccant contains anhydrous calcium sulfate prepared from natural gypsum and impregnated with calcium chloride. Its drying efficiency for gases is high because of its superior absorption of water. With the addition of calcium chloride, the desiccant changes from blue to pink as the limit of absorption is reached. This color change is easily seen through the translucent housing.

CYTIVA Whatman™ Warranties to served market customers are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and CYTIVA Whatman™ disclaims all other warranties, including without limitation, the implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, quiet enjoyment, system integration and data accuracy. CYTIVA Whatman™ limited warranties set forth in the CYTIVA Whatman™ warranty statement shall be enforced by and only by the served market customers.

$176.00 - $251.75USD / Each

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Connections Membrane Material
Availability Pricing
Whatman 6722-1001 In-Line Vacuum Protection Filter Capsule, Activated Carbon/PTFE EW-29708-00 Mfr # 6722-1001
10 to 12 mm hose barb PTFE
$251.75USD / Each
Whatman 6722-1002 In-Line Vacuum Protection Filter Capsule, Desiccant/PTFE EW-29708-02 Mfr # 6722-1002
10 to 12 mm hose barb PTFE
$176.00USD / Each
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