Environmental Express Disposable Sterile Sampling Vials

Sterile vials are designed for coliform water sampling
  • Comes with all the necessary certificates of sterility
  • Vials with Thiosulfate are capable of neutralizing 15 mg of residual chlorine
These disposable vials are sterile and ideal for coliform water sampling and sample dichlorination applications. Each vial is marked at the 100 mL fill line. Vials with thiosulfate contain enough sodium thiosulfate to neutralize 15 mg of residual chlorine. When filled, the vials meet the 0.008% sodium thiosulfate concentration requirement for sample collection containers.

Two types of vials are available—polypropylene vial with hinged snap-caps and clear polycarbonate vial with screw-top cap.
$69.90 - $89.30USD / Case of 100

3 variations of this product are available.

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Cap Type Special Features Tube Material
Availability Pricing
Hinged/snap Vial with Thiosulfate Polypropylene
$89.30USD / Case of 200
Screw Vial with Thiosulfate Polycarbonate
$69.90USD / Case of 100
Screw Vial without Thiosulfate Polycarbonate
$69.90USD / Pkg of 100
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