Environmental Express® FilterMate Systems

Convenient filtration without a transfer step
  • Simple to use just press on plunger
  • Filter 15- and 50- mL samples within sample tubes
  • No need for separate filtration devices before analyzing samples
Soil, sludge, wastewater, and challenging samples require filtration prior to analysis. FilterMate fits directly in the digestion vessel and is pushed through the liquid being filtered to the bottom of the tube with a detachable plunger. After filtration, the plunger is easily removed and discarded while the filter assembly remains in the bottom of the tube. Finished sample can be capped for storage or poured directly into an autosampler vial.
$82.80 - $172.50USD / Pkg of 100

6 variations of this product are available.

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Body Material Funnel Size (mL) Pore Size (µm)
Availability Pricing
PTFE 50 6
$129.25USD / Pkg of 100
Glass 50 0.7
$131.25USD / Pkg of 100
PVDF with PTFE prefilter 50 0.45
$164.25USD / Pkg of 100
Certified PTFE 50 6
$155.50USD / Pkg of 100
Certified PVDF with PTFE prefilter 50 0.45
$172.50USD / Pkg of 100
Polyethylene (PE) 15
$82.80USD / Pkg of 100
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