Glas-Col Stirring/Heating Mantles

Safely and accurately heat solutions used in various distillations in laboratory and scientific applications
  • Apply heat directly and uniformly to containers, such as round bottom flasks
  • More accurate than hot plates and safer than Bunsen burners
  • Controllers can be purchased individually
Withstanding 400°C (752°F) internal operating temperatures, these mantles provide a smart, accurate way to heat flasks and other containers common within laboratory environments. These motor driven units--which operate from 100 to 1850 rpm--utilize a powerful magnet for higher viscous solutions such as oils.

Available accessories include fabric insulating tops, fabric heating insulating tops, controllers, temperature monitor, and spill guards.
$1,590.00 - $2,040.00USD / Each

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Max Flask Size (mL) Max temperature (° F) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
Glas-Col 100D TEM110M Stirring/Heating Mantle, 2L Spherical Flask; 115V EW-36226-75 Mfr # 100D TEM110M
2000 752 115
$1,590.00USD / Each
Glas-Col 100D TEM112M Stirring/Heating Mantle, 3L Spherical Flask; 115V EW-36226-76 Mfr # 100D TEM112M
3000 752 115
$1,600.00USD / Each
Glas-Col 100D TEM114 Stirring/Heating Mantle, 5L Spherical Flask; 115V EW-36226-77 Mfr # 100D TEM114
5000 752 115
$1,705.00USD / Each
Glas-Col 100D TEM116 Stirring/Heating Mantle, 12L Spherical Flask; 115V EW-36226-78 Mfr # 100D TEM116
12000 752 115
$1,895.00USD / Each
Glas-Col 100D TEM118 Stirring/Heating Mantle, 22L Spherical Flask; 115V EW-36226-79 Mfr # 100D TEM118
22000 752 115
$2,040.00USD / Each
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