Hamilton® SoftGrip™ Fixed-Volume Pipettors

Contoured,ergonomical design provides comfortable, fatigue-free operation
  • Color coding allows easy volume identification
  • Autoclave entire pipettor for total decontamination and sterilization
SoftGrip™ pipettors assure you of quality, comfort and precision manual pipetting. The slim ejection sleeve is made from a high strength, chemically resistant polymer. The slim design allows the pipette to reach to the bottom of narrow tubes without the need for extended length tips. SoftGrip pipettes have a universal calibration key that reduces the need for costly calibration services. Calibration requires only minutes to perform and eliminates the downtime and cost of alternative calibration methods. The SoftGrip tip nozzle ensures a proper fit with universal pipette tips. Unique color coding and labeling clearly indicates the volume of the pipettes.
$208.00USD / Each

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Accuracy (%) Color Code Max Volume (µL)
Availability Pricing
Hamilton SoftGrip™ Fixed-Volume Pipettor, Sandstone, 50 µL EW-25704-33 Mfr # 55019-07
±0.60% Sandstone 50
$208.00USD / Each
Hamilton SoftGrip™ Fixed-Volume Pipettor, Violet, 100 µL EW-25704-34 Mfr # 55019-09
±0.50% Violet 100
$208.00USD / Each
Hamilton SoftGrip™ Fixed-Volume Pipettor, Brick Red, 300 µL EW-25704-37 Mfr # 55019-15
±0.40% Brick Red 300
$208.00USD / Each
Hamilton SoftGrip™ Fixed-Volume Pipettor, Olive Green, 500 µL EW-25704-38 Mfr # 55019-17
±0.40% Olive Green 500
$208.00USD / Each
Hamilton SoftGrip™ Fixed-Volume Pipettor, Sky Blue, 1000 µL EW-25704-39 Mfr # 55019-19
±0.30% Sky Blue 1000
$208.00USD / Each
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