IKA T-25 ULTRA-TURRAX Digital High-Speed Homogenizer Systems

Choose from five generators with a sample volume capacity range of 0.3 to 2000 mL
  • Digital display shows set speed and can be easily adjusted with the large dial
  • Systems can be used with tough solids or large volume samples
  • Generators are made of 316 stainless steel
Digital High-Speed Homogenizers

This system is ideal for batch homogenizing of cell tissues, emulsifying suspended solids,
and air pollution filter extraction. The key component is the rotor-stator generator. (Order rotor stator
generators separately — five volumes are available.) Shielded in a 316 stainless steel shaft,
the rotor acts as a centrifugal pump to recirculate the liquid and suspended solids through the
generator, where shear, impact, collision, and cavitation provide rapid homogenization.

Rotor-Stator Generators

Select a 316 SS shielded generator according to your sample volume, working solution, and
needed dispersion type. The standard-capacity generator is available in three volume ranges.
The large-capacity generator is available in both coarse (20 µm) and fine (5 µm) dispersion.
$2,741.00USD / Each

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Power (Hz) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
IKA 3725001 T 25 ULTRA-TURRAX High-Speed Homogenizer 115VAC-unit only EW-04739-21 Mfr # 3725001
50/60 115
$2,741.00USD / Each
IKA 3725000 T 25 ULTRA-TURRAX High-Speed Homogenizer 220VAC-unit only EW-04739-22 Mfr # 0003725000
50/60 220
$2,741.00USD / Each
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