Mettler Toledo XPR Ultra-Micro and Micro Balances

Automatically records all measurements via built-in notepad
  • LevelControl warns when the balance is not leveled and proposes corrective action
  • Draft shield dismantles completely for easy cleaning
  • Motorized automatic draft-shield door offers safe access to weighing pan
  • Color capacitive touch screen allows quick “swipe” through of settings and methods
  • Active Temperature Control system increases weighing stability by removing excess heat
  • IR proximity sensors provide programmable touch-free balance control and door operation
  • Multiple ports offer secure connectivity and data export
The compact, space-saving XPR micro balances are ideal for weighing toxic and hazardous substances in a protected environment where user safety demands are high. Programmable infrared (IR) sensors enable touch-free operation of various functions, greatly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. A simple wave of the hand automatically opens the draft-shield door. Another safety feature is the Active Temperature Control (ATC™) system which removes heat from the balances’ electronics resulting in increased weighing stability.

To simplify the handling of samples the balances offer two keypads from which to carry out your weighing tasks. The SmartView keypad located above the weighing chamber offers all the basic weighing functions right at your fingertips. The main keypad which is connected to the balance by a cable, can be placed wherever it is most easily accessible. This remote keypad features a color capacitive touch screen that allows you to swipe through settings, applications, and methods even while wearing thick gloves.

A built-in results notepad automatically records all measurements and comments, eliminating manual transcription. To ensure consistent processes, regularly used task methods are stored in the method library where they can be quickly accessed. Results and task parameters can easily be transferred to a computer or software application via direct transfer or USB flash drive.

The balances are also equipped with tolerance profiles which ensure weighing tasks meet defined quality requirements and regulations. In addition, the GWP® Approved quality assurance function actively monitors the balance to confirm it is safe to weigh—a green light illuminates when the balance is ready to accept samples.
$38,110.00 - $60,200.00USD / Each

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Capacity (g) Readability (mg) Description
Availability Pricing
Mettler Toledo XPR6U  Ultra-Micro Balance; 6.1 g EW-01030-15 Mfr # XPR6U
6.1 0.0001 Ultra-Micro Balance, 6.1 g
$60,200.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo XPR6UD5 Micro Balance; 6.1 g EW-01030-16 Mfr # XPR6UD5
6.1 0.0005 Micro Balance, 6.1 g
$46,580.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo XPR2 Micro Balance; 2.1 g EW-01030-18 Mfr # XPR2
2.1 0.001 Micro Balance, 2.1 g
$38,110.00USD / Each
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