Noshock Pressure Switches

Series 300 Mechanical Pressure Switches
Ranges from 3 to 30 psig through 450 to 4500 psig
Field adjustable switch points and hysteresis
Micro-switch technology
Series 400 Heavy-Duty Mechanical Pressure Switches
•Designed for applications requiring maximum accuracy under high loads
•Excellent repeatability of ±2% of full scale
•High loadability (shock 30g, vibration 10 g)
•SPDT, can be normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.) depending on the wiring
Series 500 Electronic Pressure Switches
PNP electronic switching—0.1A at 30 VDC
Integrated LED switching indication
Switch points field adjustable over 10 to 100% of range
$98.60 - $179.95USD / Each

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Accuracy Max Pressure (PSI)
Availability Pricing
NOSHOK 300-1-2-150/1500-8 PRESSURE SWITCH 1SPTD 150/1700 EW-68456-19 Mfr # 300H-1-2-145/1750-8
$98.60USD / Each
$116.00USD / Each
NOSHOK 400-1-2-3/30-8 Pressure Switch 3 to 30 psi, 1/4" NPT(M) EW-98075-36 Mfr # 400-1-2-3/30-8
±2% full-scale 30
$125.82USD / Each
$141.60USD / Each
NOSHOK 400-1-2-450/4600-8 Pressure Switch 450 to 4600 psi, 1/4" NPT (M) EW-98075-52 Mfr # 400H-3-2-45/4600-8
±2% full-scale 4600
$179.95USD / Each
$209.00USD / Each
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