Ovation Adjustable-volume, Electronic, Single-Channel Pipettors

Proven ergonomically correct pipettor is comfortable and easy to use!
  • Minimize contact pressure, tension, and exertion
  • Eliminate the need for organizers, the Ovation pipettor stands on its own use!
  • Flawless tipping and detipping, and simple menu make it simple to use
The Ovation design changes the concept of liquid transfer by reducing the causes of pain, fatigue, and stress from pipetting. Work for hours without tensions in the shoulder or elbow! Never over-rotate your wrist or hand — the Ovation pipettor was formulated to keep your hand in the neutral position recommended by ergonomic experts. A low-force, form-fitting plunger manually controls aspiration and dispensing speeds with minimal effort.

The Ovation pipettor is acceptable for use with especially fragile membranes that can easily be disrupted or fluids that tend to bubble. Handling is also fast and easy with the unique tip acquisition system that delivers an audible "click" to indicate that all tips have been securely fitted. Just the touch of a button immediately ejects all tips.

The large LCD display and motor-driven volume adjustments offer precise transfer, with up to five "one-button" presets. Return to the factory calibration setting with the push of a keypad button, making in-lab calibration simple.

Electronic Pipettors
These models are ideally suited to the complex demands of research and higher throughput testing environments — the fully electronic operation maximizes pipetting efficiency. An intuitive user interface allows easy setup and use of liquid handling functions for pipetting, mixing, multiple dispensing, serial dilutions and reverse pipetting.

Models sold are designed for right-handed users; contact our Application Specialists for left-handed models. Order a separate power supply to recharge the single-channel electronic models.
$808.00USD / Each

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Color Code Max Volume (µL) Min Volume (µL)
Availability Pricing
VistaLab 1065-0250 Single-Channel Adjustable Electronic Pipettor; 5-250 uL EW-06197-48 Mfr # 1065-0250
Blue 250 5
$808.00USD / Each
VistaLab 1065-1250 Single-Channel Adjustable Electronic Pipettor; 25-1250 uL EW-06197-50 Mfr # 1065-1250
Purple 1250 25
$808.00USD / Each
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