Powerblanket® IBC Tote Heaters

Tote heaters maintain optimal heating conditions for sensitive materials
  • Entirely encloses the tote and has a removable top for easy access
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Features internal thermostats
These tote heaters offer precise temperature control with a programmable digital controller, up to 145°F. Heat is evenly distributed around the tote, reducing hot and cold spots. Rugged vinyl shell is safe to use in temperatures as low as –20°F (–29°F).
$1,905.00 - $2,885.00USD / Each

9 variations of this product are available.

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Drum Size Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
Powerblanket TH250 IBC Tote Heater, 250 Gallons; 120 VAC EW-42025-35 Mfr # TH250
250 gallons 120
$1,905.00USD / Each
Powerblanket TH275 IBC Tote Heater, 275 Gallons; 120 VAC EW-42025-36 Mfr # TH275
275 gallons 120
$2,030.00USD / Each
Powerblanket TH275240V IBC Tote Heater, 275 Gallons; 240 VAC EW-42025-37 Mfr # TH275240V
275 gallons 240
$2,100.00USD / Each
Powerblanket TH330 IBC Tote Heater, 330 Gallons; 120 VAC EW-42025-38 Mfr # TH330
330 gallons 120
$2,275.00USD / Each
Powerblanket TH330240V IBC Tote Heater, 330 Gallons; 240 VAC EW-42025-39 Mfr # TH330240V
330 gallons 240
$2,425.00USD / Each
Powerblanket TH350 IBC Tote Heater, 350 Gallons; 120 VAC EW-42025-40 Mfr # TH350
350 gallons 120
$2,660.00USD / Each
Powerblanket TH350240V IBC Tote Heater, 350 Gallons; 240 VAC EW-42025-41 Mfr # TH350240V
350 gallons 240
$2,875.00USD / Each
Powerblanket TH450 IBC Tote Heater, 450 Gallons; 120 VAC EW-42025-42 Mfr # TH450
450 gallons 120
$2,730.00USD / Each
Powerblanket TH550 IBC Tote Heater, 550 Gallons; 120 VAC EW-42025-43 Mfr # TH550
550 gallons 120
$2,885.00USD / Each
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