ResinTech IX-Series Ion Exchange Filter Cartridges

Premium resin and carbon provide the highest quality water
  • Obtain flowrates up to 1 GPM with a minimal, 5 psi, pressure drop
  • Clear body allows quick visual inspection
  • Comparable to other common lab ion exchange systems
  • Made in the USA!
Obtain ultra high-purity water with these high-capacity ion exchange filters. Color-changing media, when applicable, give you an easy visual indication of exhaustion. The clear body and white endcaps are both made of resilient polycarbonate.
Comparible to EDC®, IWT®, and US Filter® single- and dual-bracket water filtration systems and compatible with their holders. Place cartridges individually or in series to obtain purified water to meet your application needs.

Suggested Combinations
A) Use one pretreatment and one high-capacity cartridge in series to produce water free of all ionized constituents except free CO2 and silica.
B) Two high-capacity and two high-purity cartridges operating in tandem increase deionization capacity by 15%. Recommended for use with water that has a mineral salt concentration of 10 grains per gallon or more.
C) Cation removal cartridge removes ≥99% of metallic, ammonia, and other cations—ideal for power plants and precious metals recovery.

The high-purity cartridge produces water ionically equivalent to triple-distilled water, removing all ionized minerals down to a level of 4 ppb or less as well as CO2 and silica. When used in multiples, these cartridges produce water with a resistivity of 15 MΩ or greater. Capacity of 1290 grains is expressed as CaCO3.
$92.00 - $118.50USD / Each

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Description Capacity (grains) Media
Availability Pricing
ResinTech IX-02-4030 IX Series High Purity Color Changing DI EW-99285-06 Mfr # IX-02-4030
Ion Exchange Cartridge, High-Purity, Color-Changing; 1290 Grains 1290 as Calcium Carbonate Mixed bed resin; color-changing
$115.50USD / Each
ResinTech IX-02-4040 IX Series High Capacity Color Changing DI EW-99285-07 Mfr # IX-02-4040
Ion Exchange Cartridge, High-Capacity, Color-Changing; 1500 Grains 1500 as Calcium Carbonate Mixed bed resin; color-changing
$118.50USD / Each
ResinTech IX-02-1050 IX Series Organics & Chlorine Reduction EW-99285-08 Mfr # IX-02-1050
Ion Exchange Cartridge, Pretreatment; 9600 gal Chlorine Removal 9600 gallons for Chlorine/Chloramines Resin
$105.50USD / Each
ResinTech IX-02-3002 IX Series Metals Reduction, Condensate Polishing EW-99285-09 Mfr # IX-02-3002
Ion Exchange Cartridge, Cation Removal, Color-Changing; 3490 Grains 3490 as Calcium Cabonate Resin; color-changing
$92.00USD / Each
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