Spectra/Por Tube-A-Lyzer

Disposable dynamic device reduces dialysis times from 1 to 2 days down to 4 to 12 hours
  • Separate sample and flow-through buffer chambers significantly increase mass transfer rate and decrease run times
  • Design maintains maximum concentration gradient for up to 98% sample recovery, 99% sample purity and <10% sample dilution
This ready-to-use separation device delivers the efficiency of dynamic dialysis to significantly reduce dialysis from 1 to 2 days down to 4 to 12 hours. The Tube-A-Lyzer incorporates biotech-grade CE tubing that separates the sample chamber from the surrounding flow-through buffer chamber. The separate sample port provides easy access for sample loading, sample recovery and in-process testing.
The housing and end caps are polycarbonate (PC) with 3/16" (6 mm) barb inlet/outlet ports. Connect the housing to a buffer source and a waste collection vessel, or discharge directly to drain. Tube-A-Lyzer is non-pyrogenic and can be gamma sterilized (25 kGy). Dry packaged with 20% glycerin.
$223.00 - $308.00USD / Pkg of 3

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Max Molecular Weight Cut Off (Mwco) (Dalton) Min Molecular Weight Cut Off (Mwco) (Dalton) Sample Volume (µL)
Availability Pricing
Spectra Por Tube-A-Lyzer Dialysis Device, 50000 MWCO, 8-10 mL; 3/Pk EW-02906-54 Mfr # 137009
$223.00USD / Pkg of 3
Spectra Por Tube-A-Lyzer Dialysis Device, 100-500 MWCO, 25-30 mL; 3/Pk EW-02906-60 Mfr # 137042
500 100
$308.00USD / Pkg of 3
Spectra Por Tube-A-Lyzer Dialysis Device, 8000-10000 MWCO, 25-30 mL; 3/Pk EW-02906-62 Mfr # 137046
10000 8000
$272.00USD / Pkg of 3
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