Standard Paired Glass Cuvettes for Visible Spectroscopy

Glass cuvettes come with a guaranteed 82% transmission at 320 nm with a tolerance within +/- 1%
  • 3.5 mL capacity
  • 10 mm pathlength
Cuvettes come in matched pairs in standard, semimicro, or micro size, and can be ordered with either a cover of PTFE resin or a stopper of PTFE resin. All cuvettes have a 10-mm pathlength. All pairs are accurately matched to give the same value for the same solution within 1% tolerance. Glass cuvettes have a guaranteed 82% transmission at 320 nm.
$202.00 - $307.00USD / Pkg of 2

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Material Max Capacity (mL) Pathlength (mm)
Availability Pricing
Glass 3.5 10
$202.00USD / Pkg of 2
Glass 3.5 10
$307.00USD / Pkg of 2
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