Thermo Scientific Cimarec+ Magnetic Stirrers

Advanced performance and exceptional safety in a user-friendly design
  • StirTrac™ control feature provides constant speed, strong magnetic coupling, and ultra-fast braking
  • Microprocessor temperature control produces precise and stable heat distribution
  • Prominent hot top indicator prevents accidental burns
  • Automatic overtemperature protection cuts power to avoid fires and other accidents
  • Optional accessories offer enhanced safety features
Cimarec+ stirrers are ideal for academic and research institutions desiring reliable, safe, and easy operation. The hot top indicator remains lit as long as the plate temperature is above 50°C, even if the hot plate is turned off. Temperature is adjustable in one degree increments, allowing you to control the temperature more accurately. Optional external temperature probe (order separately) provides the feedback necessary to keep your sample at the desired temperature. Optional splash guard (order separately) protects you and your sample from mishaps. Optional rod and clamps (order separately) provide the means to secure your sample container to the top plate.
$399.00 - $717.00USD / Each

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Power (VAC) Top Plate Length (in) Top Plate Material
Availability Pricing
Thermo Scientific Cimarec S88854100 Stirrer, 4x4" Ceramic; 120 VAC EW-04600-03 Mfr # S88854100
100 to 120 4 1/4 Ceramic
$412.00USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Cimarec S88854105 Stirrer, 4x4" Ceramic; 230 VAC EW-04600-04 Mfr # S88854105
230 4 1/4 Ceramic
$412.00USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Cimarec S88857100 Stirrer, 7x7" Ceramic; 120 VAC EW-04600-09 Mfr # S88857100
100 to 120 7 1/4 Ceramic
$399.00USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Cimarec S88857105 Stirrer, 7x7" Ceramic; 230 VAC EW-04600-11 Mfr # S88857105
230 7 1/4 Ceramic
$429.00USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Cimarec S88857104 Stirrer, 7x7" Aluminum; 120 VAC EW-04600-18 Mfr # S88857104
120 7 1/4 Aluminum
$556.00USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Cimarec S88850100 Stirrer, 10x10" Ceramic; 120 VAC EW-04600-42 Mfr # S88850100
120 10 1/4 Ceramic
$717.00USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Cimarec S88850105 Stirrer, 10x10" Ceramic; 230 VAC EW-04600-43 Mfr # S88850105
230 10 1/4 Ceramic
$717.00USD / Each
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