Welch Dryfast Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

Advanced Vapor Management System that increases pump life
  • All PTFE wetted materials
  • Perfect for high boiling point applications
  • Chemical duty
  • Convenient vacuum control
  • Easy operation and maintenance
Use DryFast vacuum pumps for precise, convenient solvent evaporations without oil mess. Portable and chemical resistant, DryFast PTFE diaphragm pumps provide excellent vapor flow and the right vacuum for top application performance. Perform rotary or centrifugal evaporations in minimal time with no sample foaming or bumping.

DryFast pumps use Advanced Vapor Management (AVM) to adjust vacuum levels to exact levels needed for optimal evaporation rates. The handy AVM knob fine-tunes vacuum while purging condensates from the diaphragm to maintain efficient pumping and extended diaphragm life.
DryFast achieves top vacuum performance with only one or two pumping heads (model dependent) – a design that promotes efficiency and low maintenance. Quiet, oil-free, PTFE / perfluoroelastomer contact surfaces.
$1,875.00 - $4,265.00USD / Each

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Free-Air Capacity (CFM) Max Vacuum (in Hg) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
Welch 2014B-01 Vacuum Pump, PTFE, 40 torr, 35 L/min, 115V EW-79205-16 Mfr # 2014B-01
1.2 28.3 115
$1,875.00USD / Each
Welch 2014C-02 Vacuum Pump, PTFE, 40 torr, 29 L/min, 230V EW-79205-19 Mfr # 2014C-02
1.2 28.3 230
$1,875.00USD / Each
Welch 2047B-01 Vacuum Pump, PTFE, High Flow, 70 L/min, 115V EW-79206-20 Mfr # 2047B-01
2.5 28.5 115
$3,441.00USD / Each
Welch 2047B-02 Vacuum Pump, PTFE, High Flow, 58 L/min, 230V EW-79206-25 Mfr # 2047C-02
2.5 28.5 230
$3,441.00USD / Each
Welch 2044B-01 Vacuum Pump, PTFE, 9 torr, 35 L/min, 115V EW-79206-30 Mfr # 2044B-01
1.2 29.6 115
$3,085.00USD / Each
Welch 2034B-01 Vacuum Pump, PTFE, 9 torr, 25 L/min, 115V EW-79206-40 Mfr # 2034B-01
0.9 29.6 115
$2,653.00USD / Each
Welch 2034C-02 Vacuum Pump, PTFE, 9 torr, 21 L/min, 230V EW-79206-45 Mfr # 2034C-02
0.9 28.3 230
$2,653.00USD / Each
Welch 2042B-01 Vacuum Pump, PTFE, 2 torr, 35 L/min, 115V EW-79206-50 Mfr # 2042B-01
1.2 29.85 115
$4,265.00USD / Each
Welch 2042C-02 Vacuum Pump, PTFE, 2 torr, 29 L/min, 230V EW-79206-55 Mfr # 2042C-02
1.2 29.85 230
$4,265.00USD / Each
Welch 2032B-01 Vacuum Pump, PTFE, 2 torr, 25 L/min, 115V EW-79206-60 Mfr # 2032B-01
0.9 29.85 115
$3,775.00USD / Each
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