Oakton EcoTestr

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Introducing the new EcoTestr pH 2+ pocket pH meter from Oakton Instruments. The best just got better. The upgraded Oakton Ecotesr pH 2+ is a waterproof pocket meter that measures 0 - 14 pH with an accuracy of ±0.1.

EcoTestr 2+ New Features

It's new design makes it the perfect instrument for economical spot sampling of pH and temperature.

Oakton EcoTestr pH 2+
  • 3 point calibration
  • Large LCD for easy viewing
  • Dual-line display showing pH and temperature at the same time
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Operating Temperature of 0 to 50°C
  • Menu button
  • Battery and stable reading indicators
  • Water-tight sample cap

Use the water-tight cap to calibrate your pH tester, use to test your samples, and use the leak proof cap to keep your electrode hydrated. Simply fill with solution and never have to worry about a dehydrated tester again.

All of these new features make the Oakton Ecotestr pH 2+ an ideal choice for hydroponics, pool and spa, water and wastewater treatment, argiculture, environmental monitoring, and education.

Oakton Ecotestr pH 2+ Review Video

"We love the way that it works!" - Oakton EcoTestr PH2+ Waterproof pH Meter Product Review

Oakton Pocket pH Meters Summary

Oakton offers low cost pocket pH meters. The waterproof EcoTestr pH meters offer key features despite a low price point. Featuers include an easy-to-read display, a single-junction pH electrode that works well for routine sample testing of drinking water, aquarium water, hydroponics, or academics. The non-replaceable sensor keeps cost low - no need to worry about students or technicians losing or breaking them - and a built-in belt clip keeps the tester nearby when needed. The Oakton waterproof EcoTestr pocket pH meter is an economical choice from Oakton, your source for accuracy, quality, and reliability.

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