PCRMax Alpha AC1 AC4 Cyclers Video

Simplified Optimization with PCRmax Thermal Cyclers

Alpha Cyclers Features

Short video that demonstrates the "Ease of use backed up with superior performance" of the PCRmax Alpha Cyclers Thermal Cyclers

  • First run optimization
  • Program wizard for bespoke programming
  • Gradient on blocks
  • Controable ramp rates

Generate custom programs from sequence data with the Program Wizard

  1. Input primer sequence
  2. Define amplicon length
  3. Select template special considerations
  4. Finalized customer protocol
  5. Personalize password protected logins
  6. Protect optimized reports with USB login
PCRmax Alpha Cycler 4 Thermal Cycler

Gradient temperature and ramp rate control for optimization

Programmable gradient and gradient range up to 29°C

Programmable ramp rate

Programmable between 0°C/sec to maximum

Shop the Alpha Cycler 1 (AC1) and Alpha Cycler 4 (AC4) from a comprehensive selection PCRmax Alpha Cyclers