Traceable® Humidity Meter Selection Guide

What is the Best Thermohygrometer / Humidity Monitor to Buy?

Before selecting a Traceable humidity monitoring instrument, it is important to ensure that you get the best device for your specific environment and needs. There are numerous aspects to be aware of when determining what device is best for you.

Consider these questions and facets regarding humidity monitors while selecting the ideal instrument:

  • What do you want to measure? Relative humidity, dew point, or something else?
  • What are acceptable humidity and temperature ranges?
  • Do you need battery powered or electrical?
  • Are alarms necessary if humidity is out of range?
  • Functions with strange gases/contamination risks/hazardous areas?
  • Preferred data output format
  • Instrument performance regarding resolution and accuracy
  • Calibrated to ISO 17025 standards?
  • Does it have data logging capabilities?

Understanding your preference for every question and characteristic above is the best way to ensure that the humidity monitoring device you select will be the ideal tool when measuring humidity in your specific environment.

Good, Better, Best

When choosing a Traceable thermohygrometer, you can select from four different models depending on your needs. Refer to the information below to help you select the right one for your exact needs:

Traceable Humidity Monitors and Data Loggers