Traceable® data logger with TraceableLIVE® Cloud Service Selection Guide

Cole-Parmer® Traceable® Data Logger Monitoring Devices allow you to constantly monitor your critical environments, including temperature, humidity, liquid nitrogen, CO2, and barometric pressure. Store your data using TraceableLIVE® Cloud Service and receive on-time alerts 24-7 to any changes to your environment.

With IT security, regulatory compliance, ease of setup/use and affordable cost, Cole-Parmer’s Traceable data logger monitoring devices compatible with TraceableLIVE Cloud Service meet important criteria for connected devices in your lab.

See the chart below to choose the data logger that’s right for your application:

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Humidity Data Loggers Barometric Pressure CO2 Data Loggers Cryo/LN2 Data Loggers Wi-Fi Temp Data Loggers Ethernet Temp Data Loggers
18000-29 18000-33 18000-31 18001-08 99460-00 99460-01
18000-30 18000-32 18001-09 99460-05 99460-02